An Open Invitation



We welcome all of you that wish to attend our Sunday Service at 12:30.

Open Hearts. Open Minds. Open Doors.

Our denomination’s motto says much about our approach to ministry.
Within our core commitment to preserving and practicing our Christian faith, there is room for tremendous diversity of belief and practice. We believe that each person is called to work out his or her own theology based on the four foundations of Scripture, religious experience, church tradition, and human reason. Each of these four must be balanced by the others so that, for example, something experienced must fall within the boundaries of human reason, church tradition, and of course, the illumination of the Scriptures.
Because of this fluid understanding of theology and doctrine, it is impossible to say precisely what any individual United Methodist believes about any single doctrine. As a result, we strive for a church that is inclusive, rather than exclusive, where God’s grace, love, and acceptance reign supreme. Our goal is to assist everyone in their spiritual journey, wherever they may be. We welcome any and all God-seekers here with open arms and extend to you the love and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

As we look next door to our closest neighbors at Holcomb Farm and see the many people who come throughout the harvest season to pick fresh produce, or to purchase it at the farm’s market, we are reminded that many in our community are possibly ‘in the market to pick’ a church. The members of West Granby Methodist Church have discovered the worth of participating in a local congregation, and have found the value and rich blessings derived from supportive and caring relationships. Perhaps you and your family are looking for new friends who will support you, encourage you and sustain you throughout the myriad challenges of life. We open our arms and our hearts to you in an atmosphere free of judgment or conditions, and invite you to explore the possibilities God may have for you at West Granby United Methodist Church. Please feel free to visit our worships any Sunday at 12:30 pm, or call our pastor to learn more about our church and our ministries.

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“May God bless you and keep you, may the Lord make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you; may the Lord look upon you with favor, and give you peace.”  

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