For those that are unable to attend our services on Sunday we have them recorded for you.

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January 14,2018 “Are Your Ears Tingling”  by Peter Preiser Jr

December 17,2017 “Equity for All”  by Peter Preiser Jr

December 10,2017 “Advent – Second Week”  by Peter Preiser Jr

December 3,2017 “God’s Presence In Creation”  by Peter Preiser Jr

November 26, 2017 “Room at the Top”  by Peter Preiser Jr

November 19, 2017 “Grace On Giving”  by Peter Preiser Jr

November 5, 2017 “For All the Saints”  by Peter Preiser Jr

October 29, 2017 “A Modern Horror Story”  by Peter Preiser Jr

October 15, 2017 “Super Heros”  by Peter Preiser Jr

October 8, 2017 “The Good Dog the Bad Dog”  by Peter Preiser Jr

September 17,2017 “Restraint of Tongue & Pen”  by Peter Preiser Jr

September 10,2017 “A Disaster Preparedness Plan”  by Peter Preiser Jr

September 3,2017 “Greater Than Great Waters”  by Peter Preiser Jr

August 27,2017 “Doing the Right Thing”  by Peter Preiser Jr

July 30, 2017 “Less is More”  by Peter Preiser Jr

July 23, 2017 “The Whole Gospel”  by Peter Preiser Jr

July 16, 2017 “Tour de Force”  by Peter Preiser Jr

July 09, 2017 “Sacred or Secular”  by Peter Preiser Jr

June 25, 2017 “Journey By Stage”  by Peter Preiser Jr

June 11, 2017 “Good Treasure Bad Fruit”  by Peter Preiser Jr

June 4, 2017 “GIGO”  by Peter Preiser Jr


May 28, 2017 “Mayhem in Manchester”  by Peter Preiser Jr

May 14, 2017 “By Schisms Rent Asunder”  by Peter Preiser Jr


May 7, 2017 “Surviving or Thriving?”  by Peter Preiser Jr

April 30, 2017 “SBNR”  by Peter Preiser Jr

April 2, 2017 “Breathless” by Peter Preiser Jr

March 19th 2017 “With Us…or Not?” by Peter Preiser Jr

February 5th 2017 “Miracle Fast” by Peter Preiser Jr

January 29th 2017 “#Blessed” by Deb Clifford

The sermon was not recorded, however you can read it here: blessed

January 22nd 2017 “To Whom Do You Belong?” 

by Peter Preiser Jr

We belong to Jesus

January 15th 2017 “Come and See – Follow Me” by Peter Preiser Jr

Will you follow where God is leading you?

December 4th 2016 “For Crying Out Loud” by Peter Preiser Jr

It’s the simple things we can do.

November 20th 2016 “Thanksgiving Stuffing” by Peter Preiser Jr

 Be thankful for spiritual gifts too.

November 13th 2016 “Choose Hope” by Peter Preiser Jr

Election Unity

 November 6th 2016 “Greater Than….” by Peter Preiser Jr

God equips us with what we need

October 30th 2016 “Living Vital Worship” by Deb Clifford

We are the ordinary body of worshippers following the extraordinary life of Christ.

October 23rd 2016 “Wondrous Dealings” by Peter Preiser Jr

Good seasons follow poor seasons.

October 16th 2016 “Pray and Don’t Lose Heart” by Jane Whelchel

God loves us and wants us to have a happy life.

October  9th 2016 “Do We Cope Or Just Deal?” by Suzanne Jones

The power of love over hate

October 2nd 2016 “Guarding the Good Treasure” by Peter Preiser Jr

What is the treasure of God?

September 18th 2016 “Feeling No Pain” by Peter Preiser Jr

Empathy or sympathy?

September 4th 2016 “Designer Pots” by Peter Preiser Jr

Correction not condemnation

August 28th 2016 “Fanny Packs & Ferry Rides” by Peter Preiser Jr

Where do you find security in your life?

August 21st 2016 “Changing the Status Quo” by Ross Fritschler.

Regime change.

August 14th 2016 “What We Can Learn From a 500 Year Old Man” by Suzanne Jones

Noah’s Ark

August 7th 2016 “Seeing is Believing” by Peter Preiser Jr

Or is believing, seeing?  We have to focus.

July 31st 2016 “Devices and Vices” by Peter Preiser Jr

Don’t keep your head down, look up!

July 24th 2016 “Home for Dinner?” by Peter Preiser Jr

God is going to fill the hall.

July 17th 2016 “High Waters” by Peter Preiser Jr

Preach with a newspaper in one hand and a bible in the other

July 10th 2016 “Tools of the Trade” by Peter Preiser Jr.

How do we respond as a church to social injustice and inequality in light of the current tensions and unrest in our country?

June 26th 2016 “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly?” by Suzanne Jones

Viewing the big picture

June 19th 2016 “Deep Waters” by Peter Preiser Jr.

Never give up

June 12th 2016 “Justification by Faith” by Deb Clifford

Love God and love your neighbors

June 5th 2016 “A Little Loaf, A Big Leap” by Peter Preiser Jr.

To trust in God with our lives

May 22nd 2016 “Hoping to Understand” by Jane Whelchel

The mystery of the Trinity

May 15th 2016 “Wind and Fire” by Peter Preiser Jr.

Make the winds your messengers and fire, your ministers.

May 8th 2016 “Are We Staring into Heaven?” by Suzanne Jones

Waiting for the Holy Spirit

May 1st 2016 “Color Your World Purple” by Peter Preiser Jr.

Exploring the story of Lydia in Acts 16:9-15.

April 24th 2016 “New Rules – Really?” by Suzanne Jones

Sometimes even God’s rules change.

April 17th 2016 “Call it Great” by Peter Preiser Jr.

Doing good works and acts of charity.

April 10th 2016 “What’s in a Name” by Ross Fritschler.

Simon or Peter?  Why was he re-named?

“Rock Solid” by Peter Preiser Jr.

Theme: assurance, strength and hope

“While it was still dark” by Peter Preiser Jr.

God is already active and at work in the darkness of this world long before we see the light of dawn.

March 13th 2016 “God’s Currency” by Ross Fritschler.

Do you give interest on and grow the love that God gave you?

March 6th 2016 “Love Means Having to Say You’re Sorry” by Peter Preiser Jr.

Theme: Love and Forgiveness, Confession, Making Amends –  “In all relationships, invariably, inevitably, and without exception, sooner or later, Love means having to say you are sorry.”

February 21st 2016 “How Good is Your Credit” by Peter Preiser Jr.

God gives us credit for a saving faith when we express our trust in Him with our feet, our flesh and our future.

February 14th 2016 “Where is Your Wilderness?” by Ross Fritschler.

The theme invites you to understand the word wilderness and perhaps find your own.

February 7th 2016 “Transfigured & Transformed” by Peter Preiser Jr.

The theme is a genuine encounter with the living God transforms us, and enables us to transform the world around us.